Tummy Tuck Revision

What Is a Tummy Tuck Revision?

A tummy tuck revision is designed to correct and improve the appearance of the abdomen following complications and unwanted side effects from a previous tummy tuck. Depending on the degree of correction required, this procedure can consist of various types of surgery. If you are unhappy with your previous tummy tuck and are looking for among the best tummy tuck repair in Beverly Hills, premier plastic surgeon Dr. Feldmar is ready to assist. You’ll finally be able to enjoy a tighter, flatter, more attractive stomach.

Is a tummy tuck revision right for me?

A tummy tuck revision with Dr. Feldmar can correct virtually any unwanted effects created by a previous body contouring procedure. To give you a more detailed explanation, a list is provided below with a brief description of possible complications following a tummy tuck.

Excess fat – Excess fat after a tummy tuck often occurs when insufficient or no liposuction was performed during your procedure. This is the easiest complication to correct since liposuction of the abdomen is easily performed.

A poor quality scar – This may occur when the scar does not heal properly, usually due to inadequate closing techniques from a previous surgeon. Depending on the scar and the surrounding laxity of the skin surrounding the closed incision, a variety of methods can be employed to correct this unwanted blemish.

A scar located too high – When a previous procedure was poorly planned, it often results in over-excision of abdominal skin. This, in turn, creates a scar that is visible above the waistband of pants or a bathing suit. Too much residual skin – Conversely, a surgeon may be too conservative and leave an excess of abdominal skin. While the result is likely an improvement upon the original contours, this will leave a patient dissatisfied with his or her abdominal appearance.

An unattractive belly button – A belly button that has a poor shape or a visible scar or is otherwise unattractive should be corrected. While the rest of a patient’s stomach may appear lean and fit, this is virtually nullified if the belly button is disfigured in some way.

Pseudobursa – This occurs when two layers of scar tissue become separated by fluid and is often noticeable as a bulge or fullness above the horizontal incision of the tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Repair Consultation

If you are considering a tummy tuck revision, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Feldmar. During this time, Dr. Feldmar will carefully listen to your personal goals for cosmetic improvement, ensuring he understands your exact desires. He will then examine your previous surgery and determine the exact cause of your dissatisfaction. In this way, he establishes his professional opinion regarding the best treatment options.

During your tummy tuck repair consultation, Dr. Feldmar educates you every step of the way. He makes you an intimate part of the process, and the two of you work as a team to determine the best course of treatment. With Dr. Feldmar, plastic surgery is a collaborative effort, and he will not move forward with surgery until the two of you are in perfect harmony. Dr. Feldmar and his incredible staff are eager to provide you with among the best tummy tuck revision Scottsdale has available.

Tummy Tuck Revision Recovery

As a tummy tuck revision often is a highly individualized procedure tailored to your unique body type, the recovery period will depend on factors such as the length of the incisions, the degree of correction, your age, and your general health and fitness. During your recovery period, you will be expected to adhere to several guidelines. These guidelines not only ensure the highest level of comfort, but they also help give you the best aesthetic outcome.

Abdominoplasty Revision Aftercare

A tummy tuck revision is performed as outpatient surgery, and patients go home shortly after the procedure. However, depending on several factors such as the complexity of the procedure, the availability of a caregiver at home or your personal preference-some patients decide to take advantage of a nearby aftercare facility. This helps ensure your personal attention and needs are looked after by Dr. Feldmar and his highly trained staff. In the interest of delivering among the best tummy tuck revisions Beverly Hills has to offer, Dr. Feldmar looks after every aspect of your recovery process.

It is incredibly important to select a plastic surgeon who fully understands what it is you’re hoping to achieve through cosmetic surgery.

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