When it comes to cosmetic surgery, you have options. You can lift, trim, and tone almost any area of your body, and your neck is no exception. What is a neck lift, and how can it improve your appearance? We’re here to tell you the facts. 

At Feldmar Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, CA, we perform different types of neck lifts for patients who want more youthful, smooth necks. Our team is excellent at meeting patients where they are and helping them meet their aesthetic goals. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of neck lifts — and what they can do for your aesthetic. 

What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift procedure works similarly to a facelift. We work with the tissues in your neck to lift them upward and create a smoother, younger-looking surface. 

Some facelifts include neck lift procedures by default. However, we recognize that every patient is different. You may have already undergone a facelift, or you may just want to revamp your neck. Either way, we are happy to carry out skilled neck lift procedures. 

Types of Neck Lifts

There are different types of neck lifts, just like facelifts. Each procedure has several benefits that enhance your aesthetic and help you look more youthful. 

Mini Neck Lift

If you’ve only just begun to notice signs of aging on your face and neck, a mini neck lift might be right for you. During the mini neck lift procedure, we work with fewer neck tissues for less dramatic results. This is perfect for patients who want subtle but noticeable neck improvements. 

In some cases, patients who have lost a lot of weight have loose skin and reduced elasticity around their necks. A mini neck lift could be just what you need to address this weight loss or age-related skin laxity. 

Deep Neck Lift

Deep neck lifts involve many more layers of tissue and manipulation than mini neck lifts. During a deep neck lift, we rearrange your skin and other tissues to boost your neck’s appearance and make the skin tighter against your bone structure. 

Patients who experience advanced face and neck aging would benefit from deep neck lift procedures. Neck lift surgery can help reverse some of the telltale signs of aging: loose skin, drooping tissues, and a “banded” look around the neck. A deep neck lift is perfect for you if you want to rejuvenate your neck and make it look more youthful. 

Neck Contouring With Liposuction

If you have excess fat around your neck and chin, our neck contouring procedure with liposuction may be best for you. We use a special suction device to remove excess fat cells from around your neck. Then we tighten the remaining skin and smooth it over your bone structure to help your neck look youthful and revitalized. 

Patients with moderate signs of neck aging and extra neck fat benefit most from our neck contouring procedures. We will work with you during your consultation to determine which treatment is best for you. 

Neck Lift Benefits: Why Should You Enhance Your Neck?

Your neck is an extension of your face, so any signs of aging present in one will likely show up in the other. There are several neck lift benefits to consider when weighing your options. 

Smoother Neck Skin

You might think your neck is beyond repair once the skin shows signs of aging, but it isn’t. You can get smoother, more youthful neck skin by getting a neck lift. Using moisturizing creams and serums will also help your neck look amazing after the lift procedure. 

Lifted Neck and Face

Many patients undergo facelifts and neck lifts during the same surgeries. This cuts down on recovery time and allows us to focus on your profile as a whole while we work. The combined benefits of facelifts and neck lifts cannot be overestimated; your entire face will look more youthful and bright. 

Contoured, Defined Neck and Jaw

When the skin on your neck starts to sag and droop, it can make you look older and less fit than you really are. It’s understandable to want to correct this issue, and with neck contouring, we can. 

Neck contouring gives you a sharper jawline and a more defined neck. If you have struggled with excess neck fat or skin laxity for a long time, you should consider getting a neck lift or neck contouring procedure. 

What to Expect During Neck Surgery

Neck surgery requires general anesthesia, so you will not be awake. We suggest finding a ride to and from the surgery center, as you cannot drive safely after surgery. 

After you wake up from neck surgery, we will instruct you on how to care for your neck. It’s essential that you follow every post-operation instruction carefully so you can get the best results possible. 

We will dress the incision sites with bandages that cannot get wet. Avoid saturating your dressings with water until they’re ready to come off. Make sure you take plenty of time to rest, recover, and heal your neck after the procedure. Most patients take three to four days off of work to give their necks time to recover. 

The recovery process for neck lift surgery is surprisingly simple and easy to follow. We will give you more direct instructions during your consultation. 

Neck Lift Surgery at Feldmar Aesthetics

Necks are sometimes overlooked when people consider their cosmetic goals, but a neck lift from Feldmar Aesthetics can alter your appearance as subtly or dramatically as you desire. Visit our office in Beverly Hills, CA, or contact us online to get started on your neck lift journey.

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