PRP Hair Treatment Costs Beverly Hills CA

Among the countless hair regrowth treatments available in Beverly Hills, PRP Hair Treatment is a majorly preferred option that works in three stages to provide the patients, very natural and healthy hair very easily. What differentiates this method from others is the fact, that during the treatment, the patient’s own blood is taken and injected to the scalp. The technician draws the patient’s blood, which is then transferred to a centrifuge, which rotates at a very high speed to separate the platelets and plasma. These are the platelets that are required, which are filled up in a syringe and then injected into the scalp at the areas, of hair loss. The platelets work by stimulating the hair follicles to promotes hair growth and prevent further thinning by extending the hair growth phase.

Virtual Consultation

Many of Dr. Feldmar patients are from out of town, out of state, and even out of the country! We are thrilled to have such a geographically diverse clientele base, and strive to make the experience at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. an enjoyable, rewarding, and beautiful one. After speaking with one of our Patient Care Coordinators, you can proceed with the following.

Step One

Have a family member or friend help you take photos that can best illustrate the areas of concern. You can email them or mail them directly to our patient care coordinator.

Step Two

The Patient Care Coordinator will help you schedule a conference or Skype call with Dr. Feldmar to discuss your concerns, Dr. Feldmar’s recommendations, as well as your Surgical and recovery options. A general pricing plan can be provided, along with financing assistance as needed. Please remember that that (virtual) surgical plan and pricing may change until confirmed with an in-person evaluation.

Step Three

The Patient Care Coordinator will help you schedule the appropriate pre-operative and post-operative appointments, as well as selecting a surgery date that works with your personal schedule. Our Front Office Concierge can assist with accommodations, restaurants, and activities during your visit.

PRP has emerged as one of the most effective hair growth treatment options in Beverly Hills. PRP Hair Treatment’s before and after results show the effectiveness of this method. The results are quick and encouraging, the process is safe. The patients are happy with the before and after differences. Looking at the benefits of the process, PRP hair treatment costs are very appropriate. If you have also decided to have the treatment to cover your hair loss and thinning, contact Feldmar Aesthetics to get more information about the treatment.

Chief Surgeon

Dr. David Feldmar

The combination of exceptional surgical results and thousands of ecstatic patients demonstrate Dr. Feldmar’s surgical precision and diligent attention to detail. Dr. Feldmar’s surgical expertise and charismatic calming demeanor allow his patients to achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and relaxing environment while achieving the highest level of results.

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Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

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