Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Los Angeles CA

If you are also losing hair due to ageing, scalp infection, alopecia or hormonal changes, the non-surgical hair transplant treatments can help you greatly. Non-surgical hair transplant in Los Angeles procedures can help you get a head, which is full of natural, refined, healthy and stylish hair, which will completely meet your expectations without interfering with your daily routine and living. Non-surgical hair transplant in Los Angeles offer a number of advantages over surgical treatments. The Non-surgical hair transplant processes are less expensive and require less look after and care than surgical hair transplant treatments. Also, the results are quick and the process is safer, comfortable and pain-free. After getting the required results, you can continue with hair cutting, coloring and styling.

Chief Surgeon

Dr. David Feldmar

The combination of exceptional surgical results and thousands of ecstatic patients demonstrate Dr. Feldmar’s surgical precision and diligent attention to detail. Dr. Feldmar’s surgical expertise and charismatic calming demeanor allow his patients to achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and relaxing environment while achieving the highest level of results.

Feldmar Aesthetics Hair Loss Clinic in Los Angeles CA

Feldmar Aesthetics Plastic Surgery has very advanced Hair Loss Clinic in Los Angeles, where we offer the best non-surgical hair transplants. Our experienced plastic surgeons use their knowledge and expertise to provide our customers, desired hair with the most suitable, safe non-surgical hair transplant treatments. At our Hair Loss Clinic in Los Angeles, we take and analyze your scalp and hair samples to find the best treatment option, which will provide the required end results. We talk with our patients and discuss the Non-surgical hair transplant processes that can work best for them. Combined with proper medication, diet and lifestyle changes, the non-surgical treatment options can work out to be great for you.


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Successful stories & client testimonials

Everyone who has seen the results is amazed

recently had a tummy tuck and everyone who has seen the results is amazed at how great it turned out!Pamela

I was not disappointed

I had heard great things about Dr. Feldmar and how careful and precise he is, so I decided to try it. I was not disappointed!Jordan

Experienced excellent care

I have experienced excellent care with Dr. Feldmar and his very kind and able nurse Rosemary. What I thought was going to be steady progress of rehabilitation of one medical issue had a slight blip in the middle of another distinct problem which required reconstructive surgery of my cheek. Unbelievable surgery and perfect healing. It is not difficult to express my deep gratitude to all involved in my care.Nora

I’d highly recommend this wonder facility

I was quite apprehensive about surgical restoration, especially after the trauma of the accident which sent me searching for a cosmetic surgeon. I look and feel better, and I’d highly recommend this wonderful facility to any and all who want and need cosmetic work.Jane

I highly, highly recommend!

He listened to all my concerns and gave answers to all of my extra neurotic questions. After my procedure was over, he called to make sure I was feeling ok. That was above and beyond necessary. I highly, highly recommend him and hope to return for many years.Tamara

Exactly what I needed

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Feldmar to me, and I am glad they did. Dr. Feldmar and his staff were just what I needed. They listened to me about what I felt were my issues. Then we worked together to create a plan that was exactly what I needed and it was affordable.Robyn

Great job!

Dr. Feldmar has done my Botox for almost 3 years now and he does such a great job!Laura

I made the right choice

The services that I had received was done perfectly! I was not sure who to go to for some of the minor tweaks I wanted but, now I can 100% tell you after several consultations with Doctor Feldmar and other plastic surgeons I made the right choice by choosing the best. Thank you Dr. Feldmar!Mary

Incredibly proffesional

Dr. Feldmar is great. He’s incredibly professional, kind and ensures that I look natural.Elise

Couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Feldmar listened to what I wanted, all of my concerns, and took the time to explain perfectly all of my options so I could make the best possible choice. I couldn’t be happier with the results from start to finish.Sarah

Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

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