Natural Breast Augmentation

What Is a Natural Breast Augmentation?

Each year, thousands of women contemplate the idea of undergoing breast augmentation surgery to improve the appearance and firmness in their breasts. In fact, in 2013 breast augmentation was titled yet again as the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. However, not everyone is so thrilled about going under the knife and placing foreign objects in the body for an extended period of time. This is where natural breast augmentation comes to mind. Natural breast augmentation is a safe procedure that increases the size and volume of a patient’s breasts using their own body fat.

Dr. Feldmar carefully reviews the breasts for augmentation. Dr. Feldmar begins to slowly inject the purified fat into the breast tissue. The goal of fat transfer is to not only fill up the breasts with fat but to add volume slowly in small increments. This way, the fatty tissue can attach itself to the breast tissue and survive long after the injection.

Ideal Candidates

As the body ages, a woman loses volume in her breasts, particularly after giving birth. Since breast tissue is comprised mainly of fat, the procedure takes the body’s fat and transfers it back to the places you want it to be. In terms of body fat, some patients possess excessive amounts of fat cells that go unresponsive to diet and exercise, so some areas of the body store fat while others do not. Ideally, candidates for the natural breast augmentation procedure include women who:

  • Want larger and fuller breasts, without breast implants.

  • Possess substantial donor fat in the thighs, abdomen, back, buttocks or arms.

  • Desire breast reconstruction after breast cancer treatment or lumpectomy.

  • Wish to address breast implant related issues, such as wrinkling or rippling.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

One of the benefits is that Dr. Feldmar harvests fatty tissue from targeted areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thus, the procedure removes the unwanted fat and uses it to sculpt and contour the breasts safely for a pleasing overall sculpted body figure. In addition to losing the excess weight from the targeted area of the body, advantages of natural breast augmentation include:

  • Minimal incisions

  • Reduced scarring

  • No risk of capsular contracture

  • No need for removal or replacement

  • Reduced recovery period

Fat Grafting for Breast Implants

Dr. Feldmar can also perform fat transfer for patients who already possess breast implants either to achieve a more natural appearance, to soften the physical touch of the breasts, or to smooth out rippling. Fat transfer can also enhance the appearance of cleavage, which is not possible with breast implants. Dr. Feldmar knows that breast implants are not designed to last forever so if a patient wishes to remove breast implants, they have the option to have natural breast augmentation performed.

Recovery After Natural Breast Augmentation

A natural breast augmentation Feldmar Aesthetics is a minimally invasive procedure of body contouring. The procedure may require more time than a traditional breast augmentation since the procedure requires liposuction and careful placement of fatty tissue, which could last up to four hours depending on the extent of removing the required volume of fat. However, recovery is much easier than breast augmentation using breast implants. With the natural breast augmentation procedure, there are smaller incisions. Downtime typically requires about one week after the procedure.

Your New Look

The results of liposuction from the targeted areas are long-lasting. Since liposuction contours the desired region by removing excess fatty tissue, the new figure is permanent for those who do not allow their weight to fluctuate. After the natural breast augmentation, patients see the improvements in their breasts over the next few weeks, as the swelling goes down and the implanted fatty tissues gradually fuse with the existing breast tissue. You can expect to see improvement in breast size and volume as long as bodyweight remains stable. Since Dr. Feldmar is dedicated to providing long-term success for his patients, he will work closely to appoint a customized plan to help ensure your new feminine look remains beautiful and permanent.

Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

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