If you are interested in increasing the size of your breasts, you may be considering breast augmentation surgery. However, many patients are concerned about whether a breast augmentation procedure will result in a natural look or a look that will make it obvious that a surgery has been performed.

At Feldmar Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, CA, we can create a natural-looking appearance with our breast augmentation procedures. With our experience in both breast implants and fat transfer breast augmentation, we will plan a surgery that will suit your goals and your body.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation is any treatment that makes the breasts larger. Different techniques can be used to achieve this effect. For some patients, breast implants can create the most natural-looking silhouette. For others, a natural breast augmentation using harvested fat may produce a better result.

Both types of procedure can make breasts larger but cannot lift breasts or make them closer together. For this, a breast lift and augmentation may be combined into one surgery. How natural a certain type of breast augmentation will look depends entirely upon your body shape, the size of your natural breasts, and other factors. 

Achieving a Natural Look With Autologous Breast Augmentation

Autologous breast augmentation, also known as natural or fat transfer breast augmentation, is a procedure that takes fat harvested from other areas of the body and places it in the breasts to create additional volume.

natural breast augmentation can often achieve one of the most natural-looking results. Your surgeon will use your own fat to mold and shape your breasts into a customized size and shape that fits your body well. 

Choosing the Right Implants for a Natural-Looking Result

Breast Implants are another option for augmenting your breasts. By choosing the right implants with your surgeon, this option can also offer natural-looking results. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the expectations and goals that you have for your surgery. If you express the desire to have breasts that appear as natural as possible, your surgeon will help you find the right implants. Several factors can impact the end result of your breast augmentation surgery:

The Type of Implant Material

The material that is used for your implant is the first important decision that you and your surgeon will make. Your decision will be between two types of implants: silicone or saline.

Silicone implants are made from silicone shells that are filled with a soft and supple silicone material. Silicone implants are often praised for their natural feel and texture that can mimic real breast tissue. Within this type of implant, there are many different options.

Some silicone implants are form-stable meaning that they are more firm. Others have gel that is less cohesive, giving them a more moveable texture.

Saline implants can also offer a natural look, but this will depend on your anatomy and the technique used during surgery. This type of implant is filled while already in the body so the surgeon can customize the look according to what you want. However, saline implants may look and feel less natural than silicone for certain individuals. A consultation is important to determine which will look best with your figure.

The Shape of the Implant

Implants are available in many different shapes. These options are available regardless of how many cup sizes you want to go up or how much volume you want to add to your breasts. Teardrop or anatomical implants can often give a more natural-looking appearance while round and firm implants can offer a more rounded and augmented appearance. Your surgeon will perform an examination to determine which shape can look most natural on your body. 

The Profile of the Implant

The profile of an implant refers to how wide and high the implant is. A low profile implant will have the same volume as a medium or high profile implant, but it will sit differently on the chest. A low profile option will be wider and flatter which can often look more natural on women with broader chests. A high profile implant can offer a more augmented and rounded look. We will discuss which profile will look the best on your body.

Where the Implant is Placed

The appearance of your implants will also depend on where the implant is placed during surgery. Your surgeon will have two options: to place the implant over the muscle, or under. Depending on how much breast tissue you have, it may look more natural to place the implant under the muscle. However, certain patients can still achieve a natural look with implants that are placed over the muscle. Your surgeon can advise you as to which will suit you better. 

Consultation for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Choosing the right surgeon for your breast augmentation is the most important factor to achieving a natural-looking result for your breast augmentation. An experienced and board-certified surgeon will be able to guide you towards the right material, shape, and profile and will be able to expertly perform the surgery according to the results that you are looking for.

At Feldmar Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Feldmar can guide you to the right option. He has performed countless implants and fat transfer breast augmentations and concentrates on finding the options that are best suited to the patient’s aims and anatomy. If you are interested in learning more about our breast augmentations, you can schedule a consultation online or call us at 310-820-2111 today.

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