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Today’s hair growth treatments go far away from mere uses of shampoos and hair oils and medicines. An effective hair regrowth therapy first requires knowing the reason of hair loss. Although, heredity is most responsible for the hair loss and thinning hair among men and women, other factors like illness, stress and diet also play a significant role. FDA approved only drugs for treating male pattern baldness and hair thinning are Rogaine and Propecia. To deal with somewhat, ineffective results of these medicines, hair growth treatments have emerged as one of the best options. A variety of treatment options, such as micro-grafting, scalp reduction, PRP treatments, etc., are available. These hair growth treatments are basically categorized into surgical and non-surgical. Use of low level Laser for hair regrowth therapy is also approved and is generally used.

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Dr. David Feldmar

The combination of exceptional surgical results and thousands of ecstatic patients demonstrate Dr. Feldmar’s surgical precision and diligent attention to detail. Dr. Feldmar’s surgical expertise and charismatic calming demeanor allow his patients to achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and relaxing environment while achieving the highest level of results.

Contact Feldmar Aesthetics to get the best hair growth treatment in Los Angeles at the most reasonable prices. Discuss your hair problem with our professionals to get the best treatment option that will help you get back healthy hair and solve the problem of thinning hair in Los Angeles. Our experts will decide if you require transplants or if the hair regrowth therapy will work for you. Therapies include use of medicines, lotions, shampoos and hair creams to stop or slow down hair thinning. These therapies are also used in conjunction with laser treatments. Whatever be the treatment, you need to believe that thinning hair is not a big problem. Proper treatment and therapies and help from a professional dermatologist can help you successfully treat this problem.

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Feldmar Aesthetics 2019. All rights reserved.

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