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With age, your skin loses resilience, starting to loosen and sag. These changes can be noticeable on your neck even before they show on your face. If you’re bothered by the emergence of jowls, a double chin, neck banding, or wrinkles on your neck, a neck lift may be the solution. A neck lift restores smooth, firm skin to your neck, helping you look younger. A neck lift surgery for sagging skin also enhances the definition of the jawline and the angle between the chin and the neck, which can create a thinner-looking appearance. With modern techniques, and in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, the subtle improvements made with a neck lift are beautiful and natural-looking.

David Feldmar, MD, at Feldmar Aesthetics, performs neck lift surgery in Beverly Hills to help men and women in the Los Angeles area look younger and healthier and feel better about themselves. Dr. Feldmar is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, who combines art, science, and expertise in his medical work to create beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients. He and his staff run their practice to be a warm and welcoming experience, where patients feel comfortable, heard, and appreciated for who they are.

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What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is surgery to correct visible signs of aging on the neck, jawline, and under the chin, including sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, and the accumulation of fat in the form of jowls or a double chin. A neck lift for double chin accomplishes this by repositioning underlying muscles, removing excess skin and fat, and tightening and smoothing the skin of the neck and jawline.

A neck lift is a set of surgical procedures, including:

  • Cervicoplasty—remove excess skin, smooth the neck, and correct sagging or laxity
  • Platysmaplasty—reposition the underlying muscles of the neck (the platysma)

Neck lift procedures can also include:

  • Liposuction—address unwanted fat deposits on the neck and below the chin and jawline
  • Botox® injections—relax the muscles responsible for neck banding

A neck lift is often combined with a facelift to reverse visible signs of aging through the lower portion of the face. Neck lift for wrinkles and facelifts can also be combined with eyelid surgery or a brow lift for full facial rejuvenation. The goal of combining procedures is to make a harmonious change, so that the neck and the entire face look younger, leaving no jarring signs of aging left untreated.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

As part of your consultation, Dr. Feldmar will recommend whether a neck lift is appropriate and safe for you. He will make this determination based on your medical history, the signs of aging in your neck, and the resilience of your skin and neck muscles.

You are probably a good candidate for a neck lift if you:

  • Are unhappy with the appearance of your neck because of noticeable signs of aging
  • Are in good health with no medical conditions that increase your risks
  • Are not significantly overweight and are at a stable weight
  • Do not smoke, or can quit smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
  • Have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery

Considering a Neck Lift in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feldmar

A neck lift for aging neck corrects the unwanted signs of aging on the neck and beneath the chin and jawline. You might consider a neck lift if you’re bothered by:

  • Loose or hanging skin under the chin
  • Neck lift for jowls, caused by loose, hanging skin and excess fat below the jawline
  • Unwanted accumulations of fat in the chin, or a double chin
  • Loose or wrinkled skin on the neck
  • Muscle banding in the neck
  • Poor definition in the jawline or the angle between the chin and neck

Neck rejuvenation with neck lift surgery can restore a more youthful appearance while also making you look thinner and healthier. Neck lift after weight loss is a popular procedure, which can leave the skin on the neck and under the chin saggy and droopy.

Planning Your Neck Lift Surgery

Your initial consultation with Dr. Feldmar is essential to understanding whether a neck lift is right for you and, if so, to plan the safest and most effective approach for the procedure. In your consultation, Dr. Feldmar will ask questions to understand your goals for the surgery and your medical history, including your current medications.

Dr. Feldmar will perform an examination to assess the elasticity of the skin on your neck and the strength of your neck muscles (specifically the platysma, which extends from the collarbone to the angle of the jaw and is visible when you flex your neck). Based on his examination and an understanding of your goals, Dr. Feldmar will explain the surgical approach he recommends, and what you can expect throughout the process.

Dr. Feldmar’s goal, and the goal of everyone at Feldmar Aesthetics, is to help you make informed decisions, have realistic expectations, and feel comfortable throughout each step in your experience.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Neck lift surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art Swall Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, designed and built to our specifications to provide safe, high-quality, personalized patient care. Neck lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia.

Depending on the improvements being made, Dr. Feldmar uses one or a combination of three basic methods in neck lift surgery:


Removes excess skin on the neck that has loosened and sagged. Small incisions are made under the chin and behind the earlobe. The skin of the neck and jawline is lifted and pulled taut to remove wrinkles. Excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed. Sutures are placed to hold the skin in place during the healing process.


Repositions the neck muscles. Small incisions are made, as for cervicoplasty, and then an instrument is used to reposition the platysma, typically by removing a portion of the muscle and realigning it. Endoscopy is typically used to reach the muscles of the neck. Permanent sutures are used to affix the muscle in its new position.

Neck Liposuction

Removes excess fat for neck contouring. Small incisions are made in the skin, through which a hollow tube called a cannula is inserted to break up the fat deposits and extract them using suction. 

A mini neck lift, also called a single-incision neck lift, corrects mild to moderate skin laxity and sagging, using smaller incisions and less internal tissue adjustment. In a mini neck lift, incisions are typically made only behind the earlobes, and not under the chin.

After closing the incisions and placing dressings, you will be moved to our recovery unit. When you have recovered from the anesthesia, you can go home. Arrange ahead of time to have a friend or family member drive you.

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What to Expect After Neck Lift Surgery

You can expect some bruising and swelling in the days immediately after the surgery. Dr. Feldmar will help minimize this by applying a compression dressing over the incisions. He’ll instruct you to sleep with your head elevated for at least the first two weeks after surgery to minimize swelling and promote healing. It’s also common to experience some pain and discomfort at first, which can be managed with pain medication.

Neck Lift Results

Dr. Feldmar will provide instructions for your neck lift recovery, including how to care for the wounds to prevent infection, when to return for follow-up appointments, and how to gradually resume your normal activities.

Most patients choose to take ten days to two weeks off from work, to allow the bruising and swelling to fade, or as little as a week after a mini neck lift. You can resume light exercise after about two weeks, gradually building up to your regular activity and exercise routine at about two months. 

You may notice improvements to your neck profile right away; however, they may be affected by swelling and bruising. By two to three months after your surgery, you’ll look and feel great, and your neck lift results will continue to improve over the next few months.  

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Frequently Asked Questions Neck Lift

Yes. Due to the invasive nature of these procedures, you will be placed under general anesthesia.

Absolutely! Neck lift for men is very popular, just as it is for women. For both men and women, a neck lift restores a younger and healthier appearance. Neck rejuvenation for men enhances an impression of vigor and energy.

Yes. It’s common to combine a neck lift with facelift surgery. Depending on your needs, you might combine a neck lift with other procedures as well, including surgical or non-surgical treatments for comprehensive face and neck rejuvenation.
Dr. Feldmar will advise you to stop taking certain medications in the days prior to surgery if they interfere with the body’s healing or increase bleeding risks. You’ll need to refrain from drinking or eating anything the night before your neck lift surgery, usually beginning at midnight. You’ll be instructed to shower with an anti-microbial soap the evening before and again the morning of the procedure. This removes dangerous pathogens from your body.

This depends upon your health. Plastic surgeons have performed successful surgery on people up to 70 years of age. If you would like to be evaluated to determine if you are a candidate, please schedule a consultation.

This varies depending on the amount of surgery that you have performed. Strenuous activity puts stress on the sutures, and they must be protected to achieve the right outcome. Dr. Feldmar doesn’t clear people to return to strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks in most cases. However, you will need to engage in some non-strenuous activity, mostly walking, to promote proper healing and adequate circulation after your surgery. Walk for at least five to ten minutes every other hour while awake in the two weeks following surgery.

As with any cosmetic procedure, neck lift surgery carries some risks. Neck lift complications may include the possibility of infection, bleeding, or an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Dr. Feldmar will discuss these risks as part of your consultation with him. It’s important to understand the risks before undergoing any elective surgery.

The incisions made for neck lift surgery are small and well-concealed in your natural contours—just beneath your jawline and in the folds behind your earlobes. Neck lift scars are most noticeable in the first few months after surgery when they are darker and redder. After six months to a year, scars fade to match the natural color of your skin and become all but invisible. In the first months after surgery, once the incisions have healed, any neck lift scars that bother you can be concealed with makeup.

The cost of neck lift surgery varies with the extent of the changes being made and the complexity of the procedure. They include the surgeon’s fee and the costs of anesthesia, the surgical facility, medications, and garments worn after surgery. The costs of cosmetic surgery procedures are not typically covered by medical insurance. Dr. Feldmar will explain the neck lift costs in detail as part of your consultation.

For mild to moderate skin laxity, nonsurgical skin-tightening treatments can deliver remarkable results. At Feldmar Aesthetics, we offer Ultherapy ultrasound and Venus Versa radiofrequency skin tightening treatments. We also offer nonsurgical fat reduction treatments as an alternative to liposuction.

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