Brow Lift

What Is A Brow Lift?

There are natural changes to the face that comes with aging. Genetics plays a role in how the skin ages; sun exposure is also a factor. Gravity comes into play as well. The result can be unsightly wrinkles and creases on the forehead. Fortunately, the field of cosmetic plastic surgery can restore a more youthful facial appearance. Our Beverly Hills brow lift can bring your face a far more relaxed fresh appearance.

Brow Lift Consultation

If you are concerned or have questions about a brow lift procedure, sometimes known as a forehead lift, you can rest assured you will get the opportunity to discuss every issue fully. Your consultation is the first time you will meet with Dr. Feldmar, a top facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, who will be happy to cover all the details with you. We will need a full medical history including any current or past medications, supplements, or drug use. With all of the information in hand, we can decide if you are a good candidate for this surgery – the majority of people are.

During your Beverly Hills brow lift consultation, you can explain how your current appearance affects your life from a personal standpoint. Many people with severe signs of aging experience lowered self-confidence. Tell Dr. Feldmar what you hope to accomplish through the procedure. It’s important to set realistic, attainable goals with the doctor. Plastic surgery yields amazing results, but as with any surgery, poses some risks. As part of the consultation, Dr. Feldmar will discuss the common risks of your procedure.

Risks and Complications

The risks for lifting the brow line are minimal, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports. Some of the most common risks for this procedure include the following list:

  • Possible numbness of the forehead following the procedure. Part of this is normal, but some may experience permanently diminished sensations.
  • Some lose the ability to move the eyebrows or forehead. Often, additional procedures can correct this complication.
  • Bleeding and Infection: Please see the section on recovery for more information about these risks.
  • Permanent hair loss or thinning at the scar site of the incision. In most cases, the incision will be at the edge of the hairline; therefore, no hair growth will be affected.

The Brow Lift Procedure

The night before surgery, you must not eat or drink after midnight and will be asked to bathe with an anti-microbial soap the evening before as well as the morning of your procedure.

Dr. Feldmar will use one of two possible methods of performing your brow lift in Beverly Hills. In the classic method, the doctor will make an incision along your natural hairline to begin to the process. This will be one long, continuous incision along your hairline that goes from the tip of the upper ear to the opposing tip of the ear. Dr. Feldmar will lift up the existing skin and trim away the excess. Furthermore, the doctor may need to trim the muscle beneath the forehead to give you a more natural appearance. Afterwards the physician closes the incision with the sutures. The placement of the incision can vary if you use the brow lift procedure to achieve other goals, such as addressing hair loss.

Advances in technology allow the physician to use endoscopy to perform the brow lift – a less invasive form of surgery. In this type of surgery, several small incisions will be made within the hairline. Often, the amount of bruising and swelling is reduced, and this procedure requires less recovery time and avoids the risks of general anesthesia.


When you begin to wake up after your brow lift in Beverly Hills, you may experience some nausea or pain. Inform the medical staff because they have medication to keep you comfortable. You will need to eat only light, bland foods after surgery, and as the days progress, you can then move into spicier or heavier foods. However, if you’ve been given any specific dietary restrictions, please follow them exactly.

You’re going to look younger and more relaxed when the process is complete, but you’ll be black and blue for about 10 days after your brow lift. The doctor will place bandages around your head to reduce the amount of swelling and bleeding. Dr. Feldmar will prescribe pain and antibiotic medications for use after you are home. Please adhere to the dosage guidelines to help you have a successful recovery.

The bandages will be removed within two to three days following the surgery. Sutures will need to remain in place for seven to ten days. Sleep with your head elevated to alleviate swelling and refrain from all vigorous physical activity. Walk around several times per day to prevent the formation of blood clots in your body. Avoid getting the incision site wet for two to three days.

Brow Lift FAQ

I’m Confused. I Thought That A Facelift Included My Forehead.

A facelift, or Rhytidectomy, corrects the area of the face from the eyes down. Depending on the number of changes you hope to achieve, the physician may opt to perform a separate neck lift or brow-lift to achieve a complete facial rejuvenation. It’s entirely possible to have all three procedures in one surgery. It will require much more time, but you can accomplish all of your goals. If you think you will need more than a browlift, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

I Have A Receding Hairline; Will A Brow Lift Correct This?

This depends upon Dr. Feldmar’s and your preferences. Many people are turning to this procedure to treat hairless and premature balding. The incisions can be made lower on the forehead to pull the forehead down; therefore, Dr. Feldmar will lower your hairline. An evaluation of your condition will reveal whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

People Say I Look like I’m Mad All the Time, Why Is This?

Imagine what a scowl looks like; people wrinkle their forehead, tighten their eyes, and frown. Sadly, natural aging can cause you to look angry, tired, or grumpy.

I’m Unsure If I Should Get Forehead Work Done, What Is the Preferred Age for Candidacy?

The common age group for brow lift candidates is between ages 40 to 70; however, younger people may have deep forehead creases due to genetics, and can also benefit from this procedure. If you’re still unsure, schedule a consultation to ask Dr. Feldmar directly.

I Don’t Know If I Should Have Any Work Done, I Don’t like the Idea of Being Put Under Anesthesia. What Should I Do?

When you visit Dr. Feldmar for your brow lift consultation in his Beverly Hills office, tell him your fears. Your consultation will give you an opportunity to discuss your areas of concerns and during this time, Dr. Feldmar will explain your options about anesthetics so you feel comfortable and confident with the procedure.

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