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Breast Revision | Implant Removal in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA

The goal of breast augmentation is to achieve beautifully proportioned, fuller, and more youthful breasts. But over time, your lifestyle and ideals for your body can change, leading you to want the implants changed or removed. Problems with implants can occur, too, which can affect the look of your breasts, your comfort, or your health, and these complications can be reasons to have the implants removed or replaced.

Breast revision, or implant removal, is surgery to remove or replace breast implants, whether for personal, cosmetic, or medical reasons. The surgery might involve replacing implants to change their type or size, removing hardened tissue that has formed around the implants, or removing implants without replacing them. When implants are removed without replacement, or when large implants are replaced with smaller ones, breast revision can be combined with a breast lift to restore the breasts to an attractive shape. 

David Feldmar, MD, at Feldmar Aesthetics, performs breast revision and implant removal in Beverly Hills to help women in the Los Angeles area who are dissatisfied or have problems with their breast implants. Dr. Feldmar is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, who combines art, science, and deep expertise in his medical work to create natural-looking results for his patients. He and his staff run have developed their practice into a warm and welcoming experience where patients feel comfortable, heard, and appreciated for who they are.

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Why You Might Consider Breast Revision or Implant Removal in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feldmar

You might choose to have breast implants removed or replaced for personal reasons or to correct problems. 

Personal reasons to have breast implants removed or replaced include a desire for:

  • Larger or smaller breasts—whether from a change in preferences or lifestyle, a mistaken choice of original implant size, or changes in the size or shape of the breasts over time 
  • A different type of implant—exchanging silicone for saline implants, for example, or saline for silicone

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal or Revision could include:

  • Implant displacement—when an implant shifts out of position
  • Asymmetry—when the breasts do not match in size or shape
  • Implant rippling—when implants visibly wrinkle or ripple beneath the skin
  • Implant leakage or rupture—a noticeable cosmetic concern when a saline implant leaks and deflates; a potential medical concern when a silicone implant ruptures
  • Difficulty obtaining clear images in mammography screening for breast cancer
  • Capsular contracture—thick, hardened scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant, putting pressure on the implant that sometimes distorts the shape of the breast, causing discomfort or pain
  • Infection of the tissue around an implant
  • Evidence of BIA-ALCL, Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a rare form of lymphoma that can be associated with certain textured implants

Planning Your Breast Implant Revision | Explant Surgery in Beverly Hills

If you are bothered by the results of your breast augmentation or have problems related to your implants, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Feldmar. In your consultation, Dr. Feldmar will ask questions to understand any problems you are experiencing, your dissatisfaction with the results of the initial surgery, and your goals for the revision procedure. He will also ask questions to fully understand your medical history. He will then examine you to determine the safest and most effective way to correct the problems and obtain the results you’re seeking.

In your consultation, Dr. Feldmar will explain the options available and what you can expect from the surgery, and he’ll answer any questions you may have. He makes you an intimate part of the process, and the two of you work as a team to determine the best course of treatment. Dr. Feldmar’s goal, and the goal of everyone at Feldmar Aesthetics, is to help you make informed decisions, have realistic expectations, and feel comfortable throughout each step of your experience.

Breast Implant Revision Options

Just as you had choices of implant types and sizes in your breast augmentation surgery, so you have choices in breast implant revision. 

As the first step in the procedure, the existing implants need to be removed. This can be done with either of two approaches: 

Simple breast implant removal involves removing the implant without removing any of the surrounding breast tissue. This approach may be used when the implants are intact and the surrounding tissue is healthy.

Implant removal with tissue excision. If your implants are being removed or replaced because of capsular contracture (the thickening and hardening of the tissues surrounding the implant) or because silicone gel has leaked into the breast tissue, the affected tissue will be removed along with the implant. In some cases, the affected tissue and the implant are removed together, as a single piece, a procedure known as en bloc implant removal.

If you choose to have the implants replaced, your options include:

Implant type: Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saline solution or salt water. When deflated due to leakage, the solution is absorbed by the surrounding tissue and naturally removed from the body. Saline implants are of two kinds: single-lumen and double-lumen. The latest double-lumen saline implants have internal shells that make them feel similar to silicone gel implants. These implants are also designed to maintain a better shape and reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel that closely matches the natural flexibility of breast tissue. If there is leakage, the body won’t absorb the gel in the implants. Hence, routine checkups are needed (once every couple of years) to monitor the implant status.

Before Breast Revision Female Patient Front Angle View example 1 After Breast Revision Female Patient Front Angle View example 1

Breast Revision Results

Implant size and shape. The thickness and width of the implants determine breast size and projection. The shape of the implants, round or teardrop, affects the resulting breast shape.

Implant placement. Implants can be placed within the soft tissue of the breast (subglandular placement), or behind the chest muscles (subpectoral placement). The best implant placement option for you will depend on your anatomy and lifestyle and the problems being corrected.

If you choose to have the implants removed without replacement, you might choose to combine breast implant removal with a breast lift. A breast lift restores an attractive shape to the breasts and corrects sagging. Without a breast lift, implant removal can leave the breasts looking deflated or droopy.

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How Is Breast Revision or Implant Removal Surgery Performed?

Breast revision or implant removal surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art Swall Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, designed and built to our specifications to provide safe, high-quality, personalized patient care. Breast revision surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, using general anesthesia.

In the procedure, Dr. Feldmar will make incisions for removing and, if desired, replacing the implants. These incisions will usually be made along the same lines used in the original breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Feldmar will then remove the original implants along with any damaged tissue if necessary. 

If the implants are being replaced, and no tissue has been removed, Dr. Feldmar will place the new implants in the same pocket. Strattice®, a tissue substitute, may be used to hold the replacement implants in place if the breasts’ natural tissue is insufficient, as might be the case when correcting implant malposition or after damaged breast tissue has been removed. 

If the implants are being removed without replacement, or large implants are being replaced with smaller ones, the procedure may be combined with a breast lift to correct sagging and reshape the breasts. This involves removing excess skin and repositioning tissue within the breast.

Once the changes have been made, the incisions are closed, and the procedure is complete. The procedure can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 3 hours. 

When you have recovered from the anesthesia, you can go home. You’ll need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you and stay with you for at least the first night.

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Plan to rest at home for a few days after your surgery, and to have someone available to help you with household tasks or childcare. You won’t be able to lift anything heavy or reach above your head for the first few days, so will likely need help. It’s common to feel some soreness at first, which can be managed with pain medication. You can also expect to experience some swelling. Wearing a surgical bra will help control the swelling while keeping the new implants in position as your breasts heal. 

Dr. Feldmar will provide instructions on how to care for the wounds to prevent infection, when to return for follow-up appointments, and how to gradually resume normal activities. Most patients can return to work after 5 to 7 days, or a bit longer if the job requires lifting. You can start to exercise again after a month, beginning with low-impact aerobic activities, and gradually build up to your regular exercise routine at about two months.  

You’ll notice the changes to your breasts right away and will see the final results at about six months when all of the post-surgical swelling has resolved.

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