Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

What Is Breast Reduction?

While there is a large section of the population looking to enhance the size of their breasts, there are also those who wish to make their breasts smaller. For them, breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is the recommended procedure.

A breast reduction surgery involves the removal of extra breast fat, skin and glandular tissue, which ultimately results in a more attractive and proportionate breast size vis-à-vis the remaining physique. Further, breast reduction also helps in relieving the discomfort which comes with having very large breasts.

The Procedure

The procedure of breast reduction is fairly straightforward. After the initial consultation and medical assessment, Dr. Feldmar will schedule a date for your breast reduction surgery. The surgery is usually done either with general anesthesia or under the effect of intravenous sedation.

The first step in the surgery involves the removal of excess breast skin and tissue. This is done by making a single or a few incisions in your breast area. Once the extra skin and tissue are removed, the surgeon closes your skin with stitches. In some cases, the areola and nipple need to be repositioned as well.

Some breast reduction surgeries may also require the involvement of liposuction. When there is no extra skin and breast is primarily fatty tissue, liposuction alone might be sufficient for reducing breast size.

The breast reduction procedure is typically performed in a surgical center or hospital and takes anywhere between three to five hours. This is an outpatient procedure and hardly ever requires an overnight stay. When the reductions aren’t too significant, the surgery is usually done under the effect of general anesthesia.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction Procedure

Some of the most obvious benefits of a breast reduction surgery include the following:

  • You will notice firmer and more uplifted breasts that look extremely youthful
  • Well-proportioned breasts will also improve your overall physique and make it look more attractive
  • You will feel more comfortable wearing your bras, even for longer durations
  • It is also possible to reduce large nipples and/or stretched areolas with the breast reduction procedure; so, you can feel attractive with and without clothing

After Surgery: What to Expect

After the breast reduction surgery is completed, your surgeon will place bandage/gauze to cover all the incisions. The breasts will either be wrapped in elasticated bandages or supported using a customized surgical bra. Your surgeon may also feel the need to insert a tiny tube in both breasts in order to drain out any remaining fluid or blood. These tubes are placed temporarily and will be removed within a few days. You would need to come back to your surgeon in one or two weeks to get the stitches removed too.

After the breast reduction surgery, most experience minor pain in the breast in the first couple of days. This minimal discomfort usually subsides within a week. Dr. Feldmar may prescribe certain pain relief medications to help during this period. You could expect the bruising and swelling to remain for some weeks as the healing progresses. It is a good idea to wear the surgical bra consistently as it helps minimize swelling and will also give good support to your breasts.

Patients all over the world vouch for the efficacy of the breast reduction procedure and the accompanying results. The transformation in your breasts is a long-lasting one, though it may over a period of time be slightly affected by factors such as aging, hormonal and weight fluctuations and gravity

The new size of your breasts will also alleviate the physical restrictions and pain experienced before surgery. In addition to this, a better-proportioned and more attractive physique will naturally boost your self-image and self-confidence.

Choosing a Surgeon

A very important decision in a breast reduction surgery is the selection of a cosmetic surgeon. Ensure that you pick someone who has a board certification and sufficient experience in executing breast reduction procedures.

A different cosmetic surgeon may use different surgical methods for performing breast reduction surgery. Dr. Feldmar usually selects a technique by examining each patient’s individual needs and goals. Other important factors assessed during the initial consultation include the current breast anatomy and the extent of excess tissue and skin.

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