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What a Breast Lift Procedure Can Do

Dr. Feldmar explains that breast lift surgery helps raise the level
of the breasts by removing excess skin. It also tightens the breast tissue to support and reshape the new contour. When there is
excessive or insufficient breast volume, your surgeon may recommend a breast
reduction or augmentation procedure alongside a breast lift.

Women typically seek the guidance of a cosmetic surgeon to get a breast lift
if they have:

  • Uneven and sagging breasts
  • Stretched areolas
  • Drooping nipples
  • Reduced breast volume

Common Reasons for Breast Lift

A lot of women tend to lose their original, more youthful shape and appearance
of their breasts due to various reasons.

These include:

  • Pregnancy – It isn’t uncommon for pregnancy to result in certain unwanted
    changes in your breasts. You might find that your breasts are sagging or
    seem excessively stretched after childbirth and/or breastfeeding. The breast
    lift procedure helps repair these changes safely and efficiently. After your breast lift surgery, you can enjoy a more youthful and aesthetically attractive
  • Extreme Weight Loss – One of the most undesirable effects of weight loss is
    the loss of breast volume. But a breast lift surgery can resolve this
    problem and give you more youthful and proportionate-looking breasts by
    eliminating excessive skin.
  • Naturally Drooping Breasts – These days, you can also find a category of
    mastopexy candidates who have naturally drooping breasts, i.e., since the
    the time they hit puberty. Thanks to a breast lift, these women can improve
    their overall breast profile and get the perky and youthful breasts they
    always wanted.

Personal Experience

Unlike many other routine cosmetic procedures, breast lift surgery is a very
personal experience. Hence, Dr. Feldmar believes it is important for a
patient to communicate with him during the initial appointment and ask as many
questions as they want regarding the surgery. This will help put them at ease and make them more comfortable about the entire
procedure. A good surgeon will always listen carefully to note your
personal goals and customize the treatment accordingly.

During the initial medical consultation, Dr. Feldmar will assess the
elasticity of your skin as well as the original placement of the breasts. He
will assess the extent of drooping and nipple position compared to the
remaining breast tissue. This examination will allow him to decide the amount
of lift required for that patient.


Breast lift procedures are typically performed under the effect of intravenous
sedation or general anesthesia in a well-equipped surgical facility or a

To support recovery from a breast lift surgery, the surgeon will apply
bandages or dressings to your incisions once the surgery is concluded. Most
patients are advised to wear a support bra or an elastic bandage to reduce swelling. This also helps in supporting the breasts during the
healing process.

The surgeon may also insert a small, temporary sleek tube under your skin in
order to drain all excess fluid or blood accumulated. You might be given
certain instructions to aid recovery.

These could include the following:

  • Tips to take care of the breasts after surgery
  • Follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon
  • Prescribed medications that need to be applied or taken orally to
    prevent infection risk and support healing
  • Specific things to take care of about incisions or general health
  • It is important to ask any specific questions that you might have with
    regards to your recovery period.

You will learn about numerous women combining a breast lift surgery with a
breast augmentation (implant-based) as it helps elevate and enlarge the breasts in one go. Regardless of your specific goals, always
choose a credible and experienced cosmetic surgeon who can customize the
breast lift procedure to suit your individual needs.

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